Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Dungeons And Dragons Online Unlimited Early Access Launch Success

Turbine’s Adam Mersky has commented on the success of the early-access launch of Dungeons & Dragons Online Unlimited:
“They all got a ton of points for being loyal subscribers, for being in the beta. We weren’t really expecting a ton of sales – they had no incentive to. They already had access to all of the content as VIP subscribers, and we just gave them a butt-load of Points."

“They’ve gone through their points, and we’ve already sold millions more Turbine points, and we’ve not even opened up the world to the public yet. The hottest selling items are the new Favored Soul class, which is unlockable in-game, but all of our subs just went ahead and spent points on it, unlocked it, and they’re playing it right now.”
The game goes live for real in the today and Europe is still waiting for a date.

Source: Kotaku

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