Monday, 7 September 2009

BioWare Explain Collectors Edition Of Dragon Age: Origins

BioWare’s Mike Laidlaw has commented on the release of a Dragon Age: Origins Collectors Edition saying how it's 'Fantasy RPG Tradition' and helps new gamers 'dive into this brand new world'. Full spiel below:
“An extravagant collector’s edition is one of those fantasy RPG traditions, and frankly the world of Dragon Age is one we want to share with people. Cloth maps, additional in-game content and the soundtrack are all part of letting people dive into this brand new world, and BioWare’s always had a tradition of providing value for your money."

“Ultimately, though, let’s ignore the word ‘collector’ and look at the options: you can buy a fantastic game, or you can spend a bit more to get that game with additional thematic stuff. Nothing to justify there, it’s just two ways to purchase the game. I suppose we could call it the ‘Extra Stuff Edition’ but that really doesn’t have the same ring.”
Basically, it's a nerds dream, go enjoy it in November.

Source: Toid

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