Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Rare Think Project Natal Works With Shooters

Rare’s design director George Andreas thinks shooters will work with Microsoft's Project Natal motion sensor technology. Damn good to hear that really, so Goldeneye XBLA with Natal is a go then?
“To take a shooter, as an example, you would just have to rethink the way a shooter works."

"Shooters work the way they do at the moment because they’re based around the original Xbox 360 controller. You throw that away, you throw that interface away and here’s a completely different interface – now how do we create a shooter for this? Does it mean that you have to run, strafe, turn, throw grenades in the way that you’re used to? Maybe not. Maybe there’s another way of doing shooters.”

“We’re learning a lot of stuff about Natal every day, and there are many types of experiences that can be created with that technology. You just need to be able to rethink how you approach those particular design problems”
Source: VideoGamer

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