Thursday, 27 August 2009

Microsoft Confirms Xbox 360 Price Drop

Xbox 360 Console Hardware Xbox 360 Console Hardware Xbox 360 Console Hardware

As expected, Microsoft confirmed news of an Xbox 360 price cut today. The Elite SKU will retail for £199.99 in the UK from tomorrow. The Arcade SKU has been increased in price from £129.99 to £159.99. Euro Xbox head Chris Lewis commented:
“With the Christmas season right around the corner, it’s already time to start looking for entertainment and gifts that everyone will enjoy."

“We have a goal over the next 18 months to reinvent entertainment in the living room and we want to ensure that we have the right foundations in place for our consumers to make simple informed choices around their entertainment platform."

“We know that price is a critical influencing factor in consumer choice, but we also know that consumers across Europe are looking for value, benefit and entertainment experiences, so we need to address all these points to continue to grow and be successful in Europe.”
Source: Internal


thomas jones said...

I really wish Microsoft would add WiFi to its systems...

Anonymous said...

Totally, that would be a real bonus. Instead they take away a HDMI lead which is a bit crap.