Monday, 3 August 2009

EA Announces The Sims 3 World Adventures

EA has announced The Sims 3 World Adventures, the first expansion pack to The Sims 3, is in development and will ship to retailers worldwide the week of November 16th, 2009.

Players can take their Sims on new journeys to famous real-world inspired destinations around the globe for the first time ever and seek out new adventures. While exploring the landmarks of an exotic city, there is no telling what the Sims will find.

From mastering martial arts in Shang Simla, China, discovering rich culture and famous landmarks on a romantic getaway to Champs Les Sims, France or exploring the depths of ancient tombs in Al Simhara, Egypt, players can take their Sims on a journey that will change their Sims’ lives. Players can accept challenges to search for secret treasures, learn new skills and chase down new personal opportunities, meet new Sims with unique personalities, share their culture and bring them home, discover new styles on their travels, and share everything they encounter on their adventures with the world through personal photographs, movies, and stories.

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Anonymous said...

Damn, already??

Anonymous said...

No one ever brings up the Sims 3 as a casual gaming title when it's mostly girls that play it, right?