Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Diablo III Had To Have Content Edited For Certain Territories

Diablo III lead designer, Jay Wilson has confirmed that while Diablo III has implemented parental locks on the game, this wasn't enough to have some country restrictions force revisions to certain content in the game:
“Regions like Germany and Australia, we will have to change blood if we’re going to sell there. And that’s fine. Those are the standards for those regions, and we don’t really have a problem with catering to what they need and what they want. But China’s going to be hard for us. Because a lot of the restrictions there are really… we may not be able to do them. It may not be possible."

“With our relationship with NetEase, we recently got new information about what China really wants, and it’s a lengthy list. It’s really hard for us to cater to. We’ll try. There’s no reason we wouldn’t want to go there, but there is a certain point where we’d have to redo so much of the game that it’s not viable anymore."

“We could have a lot of trouble with China, but it would be our goal to go there. We haven’t decided what regions we’re going into, obviously. It certainly would be our goal to go there, but we will struggle to go to China.”
We all remember the disappearance of World of Warcraft in China and the re-appearance with significant content revisions.

Source: Wired

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