Friday, 21 August 2009

Bayonetta Has What It Needs To Be A Hit

Sega COO Mike Hayes is fully confident that Bayonetta has what it needs to become a hit title, thanks to 'lifts' in gameplay and quality:
“I think we have a huge, high degree of confidence with Bayonetta because games in that genre on those platforms have been successful in the past. We think Bayonetta actually takes that and lifts the quality and lifts the gameplay further to make sure that that’s going to be a hi."

“On MadWorld itself, we’re researching it as we speak to try and identify some of the causes behind that. I think Bayonetta comes from a background and a genre that’s been already proven to be popular. I think with MadWorld we were trying to be so many different things probably all at once that maybe we pushed the envelope a bit too far.”
Source: G4

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