Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Aliens: Colonial Marines Release Date Hinges On Aliens Vs Predator Success

Aliens Colonial Marines Screenshot Aliens Colonial Marines Screenshot Aliens Colonial Marines Screenshot

Sega president and COO Mike Hayes said that Gearbox’s Aliens: Colonial Marines is still on course to be release as planned, but a date on when to expect it hinges on the success of Rebellion developed, Aliens Vs Predator:
“I think the detail of that [release date] is probably still too early. What I would say is it’s unlikely that we’d launch anything within six months [after Aliens vs. Predator], but probably nine months, eight to 12 months possibly. Though we literally are looking at that at the moment and a lot of is going to depend, as well, on how successful AvP is at the box [retail].”

“It’s what level of ‘well’ does it do, do we then determine when we want to bring the next one out and then, of course, determine what the third one in the series is likely to be.”
Which sucks, because I really wanna be a colonial marine to mimic the second Aliens movie... He did mention a third Aliens game there didn't he...?

Source: G4

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