Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Research Firm Expect New PSP Announcement At E3

Macquarie Research is banking on Sony announcing the heavily rumoured PSP revamp that will feature a none-UMD design at E3 next week. Sony has previously denied any such rumours of an improved PSP on the way. The research firm went on to state the new PSP could cost more than the existing model...
"We expect Sony to announce an improved PSP including a sliding touch screen with only download games offering (no UMD disc) as well as expanded PSN offering. We don't think this will be well received, but we are worried the pricing might be well above the existing model's US$199 price point. No price cut for PS3 is expected, but we think it likely the slimmer model is announced at the same current price of US$399 and with a price cut of US$100 closer to the holiday season."
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Anonymous said...

serious download only?
1 why should i spend time and usage of my own download limit, when i can go for a 2 min drive to my local games store.
just makes no sence.
2 ok well it took me 9:00 AM to 7:36 PM the same day to download a demo of red faction.
yea im going to spend an hour or so to download a game when i can spend 5 minutes and have it.
seriously wheres the logic?

Anonymous said...

if you make it download only some gamers without internet wont be able to get the games .do you suggest going some place to get internet access. it doesnt make scents

MAZZERS said...

who says there wont be like special memory stick just for games or something?
no UMD doesnt mean no hard copy of games!

Anonymous said...

omg idiots....If Sony only sell their games online they would be stupid. Of course there will be hard copies of their games. Common, Sony is not stupid ok....all these rumors articles. Can't even write things that makes sense. At least make a rumor sound plausible..

wow gold cheap said...

Downloads only? This is absurd. What if the thing crashes and you don't have any hard copy? Download it again? Such a waste of time and money. I guess, no more new PsP for me after playing WoW.