Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Pachter Labels MMO Gamers As Addicts

There's saying something that'll land you in trouble, then there's saying something about online gamers, and if that wasn't bad enough there's saying something about MMO gamers which is just asking for an online shit storm of moaning...

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has taunted the beast by labelling MMO gamers as addicts:
“I don’t think (online multiplayer games) get impacted at all, because people who play them are addicts. Losing their jobs makes them more likely to play because they have more time to play.”
We happen to agree. Many MMO gamers out there suffer from genuine addiction. Bring it.

Source: Reuters

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Anonymous said...

I agree too.

I personally cant stand the things and I have had quite a few friends turn into hermits because of WoW.

My brother is unemployed and he sits at home playing games like FF7 and Gran Turismo which is bad enough but i'm dreading the day he discovers MMOs.

Although, thankfully with no job he cant afford the internet!

It makes me wonder how much of the MMO gamers community is made up of wasters who live with their parents and spent all their benifits on subscribtions and add ons and PC upgrades/accessories.