Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Killzone 2 Promos Selling For More Than £100.00 On eBay

Following the news of Killzone 2 promos not working online, then Sony stating they will when the servers are switched on, copies of Killzone 2 promo discs are selling for more than £100.00 GBP on eBay at the time of posting.

One seller had notched up 18 bids for his promo copy of Killzone 2 currently standing at £102.00. Another seller has even listed their promo copy of the game at a 'Buy It Now' price of £100.00, but you do get free postage...

If you buy a promo version of this game for more than the RRP a few weeks from the release date for £100.00 or more, you're officially, a nutter.

Source: Internal


Anonymous said...

Sorry fanboy wankers with more money than sense.
Get a 360 and fucking die.

Anonymous said...

You're a faggot, shut up.
Don't call people fanboys because they want to spend their own money on something that they want. Don't call people fanboys, ESPECIALLY when you're saying "Get a 360 and fucking die." in the same post.

God dam xbots.