Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Bach Speaks On Casual Gaming And Current Success

Microsoft's Robbie Bach as commented on the current economy and how people are still buying consoles and reveals how over 60 million songs have been purchased from Xbox Live so far. Bach also touched on Microsoft's plans for expanding their casual games scene in the future branching out to more and more casual gamers.

Full article at the source. Bach also recently reconfirmed that Microsoft is not working on anything Blu-ray for the Xbox 360 console.

Source: Variety

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Anonymous said...

Am I missing something?

Didnt this same guy say a few weeks back, something along the lines of, Microsoft are more interested in core gamers and although Nintendo have done well this gen, Mircosoft dont see the casual market as a priority?

The penny must have finally dropped that Ms could make a few extra quid this way.

I find it stupid that anyone would find this surprising because as long as MS have been in the console race, the vast majority of advances they've made have been rip offs of other manufacturers.

Dont think so?

1. They came out with a god awful contoller for the 1st Xbox and before long it started to take the loose form of a playstation controller, gone were the Black and White buttons that induced artheritis to be replaced by 2 extra shoulder buttons, they also extended the hand grip on either side and now the only real thing that sets the two controllers apart is the fact that Sony have the DPad in the right place.

2. Peripherals. Where have I seen Lips (Singstar), You're in the Movies (Eye Toy) and Scene It (Buzz) before?

3. Make a bucket of shit machine that users will have to continuously replace. Sony made a bomb off this last gen and now Microsoft are doing it this gen.

4. Get your machine out 1st. Bugs n all. Again, Sony made a mint last gen and Microsoft thought they'd have a bit of that.

4. Motion sensing controls. Everyone has seen the photos of Microsoft's impending Wii60 controller. Where did they get that idea?

5. Online console gaming. Again something that Playstation did 1st and Microsoft follwed with. Accompanied by a "reasonable fee".

The only thing that I can think of that Microsoft can take any credit for in innovation terms is on board HDD in console. But then, even that idea stemmed from their experience at making shoddy software for 3rd party machines with build in HDDs. And can you really call it innovative when it's a bit of a no brainer that with games getting bigger and bigger and online gaming getting more and more popular, it would have happen regardless of MS involvement.

So to sum up. Console manufactures in general are shits and will try anything to cram that extra few quid out of your pocket. But if you really want to see the masters at work, take a look at Microsoft and their gang of scouts!!