Thursday, 31 July 2008

Soul Calibur IV - 24 Custom Characters From Games And Films

Pretty cool video from CanoodleStrudel, showing 24 custom made characters from games like Onimusha, Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Solid, and Final Fantasy VII and Leonidas from 300.

Nice to see some gamers have way too much time on their hands.

Source: Joystiq

Castle Crashers To Not Cost 1800 MS Points

Don't panic! You may have heard that Castle Crashers (due for release on August 27) Microsoft would set you back 1800 points ($22.50), which may be out of your Xbox LIVE Arcade spending depth. Well the Behemoth have set the record straight and said that is false.

Emil Ayoubkhan has said that Microsoft has not decided on a price yet and when they do, it would be a "reasonable" price. Which means you can breath a sigh of relief.

Source: Joystiq

PixelJunk Eden Heads the Latest PSN Update

Its update time again in Sony's online world and this week its PixelJunk Eden leading the charge.

Eden, which is the 3rd PSN title in the PixelJunk range, has been described by developer Q Games as an "Organic Mario".
Eden costs GBP 4.99 and puts you in the role of a little blob, bouncing around while eating pollen and birthing flowers and becoming part of the environment.

Otherwise the PSN cupboards offer trailers for Prince of Persia, The Last Guy, and Movement, the weird SingStar show that searches Europe for musical talent.
Thats it for another week then, Eden certainly looks like a decent PSN title.

Source: Eurogamer

No Echochrome Sequel from Sony Japan

Two of the guys behind Sony Japan's PSN/PSP gravity defying hit Echochrome have told Eurogamer not to expect a sequel from them.

Producer Tatsuya Suzuki and Kyushu University's Jun Fujiki - whose academic research into realising "trick imagery" in 3D inspired echochrome in the first place - were chatting to us at the Develop conference in Brighton.

It took a bit of discussion before they could work out whether they were allowed to say anything, but eventually, Fujiki told us starkly that "we're not doing a sequel - we're not doing echochrome 2"
Don't be disheartened though Echochrome fans, because Fujiki has said that he would like to work with Sony's development studios again.

Source: Eurogamer

Madden 09 and Face Breaker Demo's On Marketplace

If you're looking to try-out Madden 2009 or FaceBreaker then you are in luck because demo's of both games have been released on Xbox Live Marketplace.

The Madden demo weighs in at 1.08GB's and allows the player a taste of the impending 09 action to come.

Source: Kotaku

Way Of The Samurai Heading To The PSP And PS3

About time this series got a new release. Although flawed, the Way of the Samurai games were always fun due to it's feudal era feudal era and the fun you had as a samurai wandering around living life according to the way of the sword.

Couple of good news then. First, the PSP is getting a port of the original Way of the Samurai, which will be released at the end of the year in Japan. Usually a port should be met with groan, but considering how overlooked this game was, it's forgivable. Lets just hope the port reaches western shores.

Secondly, the PlayStation 3 is set to get Way of the Samurai 3. You control a wandering samurai who has no name and has arrived into a town that's located in the land of Gishu Amana, which is being controlled by the tyrannical Fujimori clan. Defying them is the Ouka faction, which is composed of low-level samurai - who were once part of the Sakurai clan (previous rulers of Amana) - who have turned into bandits. Of course, in the crossfire is the peasants who are the true victims in all this and ironically, are represented by the father of on the the Fujimori's.

Of course, you get to pick a side live out your samurai destiny which depends on your actions and conversational choices.

Sounds too awesome. Hopefully a western release will follow the Japanese release soon afterwards.

Source: 1up

Tetris To Be Updated For WiiWare

Coming soon to the WiiWare is an update of one of the most beloved classics - Tetris Party.

There will be a whopping eighteen modes(!), of which ten of them will be never seen. If that isn't enough, there is local multiplayer and six-player online battles which you can access via Wi-Fi. Even more novel, you can use the Wii Balance Board to play the game.

Not known how many Wii points Tetris Party will cost, but hopefully Nintendo will release it with a low cost.

Source: Joystiq

Warhammer Online System Specs Released

Mythic Entertainment has published the specs for upcoming game Warhammer Online and they're not too bad either, making the game more accessible than Age of Conan:
For Windows XP
· 2.5 GHz P4 (single core) processor or equivalent
· 1 Gigabyte RAM
· A 128 MB Video Card, with support for Pixel Shader 2.0
· At least 15 GB of hard drive space

For Windows VISTA
· 2.5 GHz P4 processor or equivalent
· 2 Gigabyte RAM
· A 128 MB Video Card, with support for Pixel Shader 2.0
· At least 15 GB of hard drive space
There's a list of supported video cards at the source too

Source: Official

Buggy Ninja Gaiden 2 Packs Available Again

Microsoft have re-released the content packs for Ninja Gaiden 2 but they're still no 100% working and will require more time. What a pain eh? Those who experience problems are advised to clear the system's cache.

To do this go to the system blade in the Xbox 360 dashboard and select "memory". On the HD symbol press these buttons in sequence: X, X, left bumper, right bumper, X, X.

Once complete, a message will pop up asking if you want to perform maintenance on your storage devices. Yes you do. But remember: by clearing your cache you will need to download any software updates again.

Source: Eurogamer

Dragon Age: Origins - Screenshots

BioWare has released five new Dragon Age: Origins screenshots which you can find at the source. The screens show ingame gameplay and should be arriving on PC early next year.

Source: CVG

Shameless Saints Row 2 Trailer Featuring Tera Patrick

Remember when we posted news that porn star Tera Patrick would be helping promote the game... well we weren't joking. In a horrendously shameless advert Tera talks seductively to camera while mentioning features of the game and with footage spliced in.

Seriously, they must be going for complete shock value to sell this game, you can watch the video at the source...

Source: IGN

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Getting Update Tomorrow - GT TV

GT5 Prologue owners can look forward to a new update for the game including the GT TV feature:
  • For the first two weeks only, we are providing all pay-per-view content for at a discounted price of $.99! It’s a good way to get a taste Gran Turismo TV. The HD content we shoot for our exclusive stuff looks pretty amazing. Following the initial two-week period, content will start at $1.99. So start downloading away!
  • Be sure to check the full content list for a full content list, as we will be adding new programs on a regular basis.
  • Gran Turismo TV will also include new features that allow viewers to fast forward, rewind, and move between chapters when viewing video content.
  • Viewers can download up to 8 episodes simultaneously and pause individual downloads.
Source: US Playstation Blog

Sega: "Keepin' It Real"

With the massive mergers and take over attempts of the industry you'd expect others to watch their backs and plan to keep up. Not so apparently, well in Sega's case anyway according to Sega of America president Simon Jeffery in an interview with Forbes:
“We don’t intend to be an Activision or an Electronic Arts–one of those juggernauts. We’re actually really happy where we are. We can be small and agile and yet extremely profitable and successful. It really feels like this year we’re competing with the next tier up, and THQ is a good company for us to model ourselves on and go after in terms of market share.”

“Where I would really like for us to be is at the cutting edge of every platform, to be the go-to publisher for Sony with its next system and with Microsoft with its next system. We kind of are like that with Nintendo right now, and thanks to our relationship with Apple, we are kind of like that on the iPhone at the moment. But I want to really get that same kind of recognition with Microsoft and Sony. We have solid relationships, but when they’re launching a new platform I want them to come to Sega to build their killer app.”
There's the full interview at the source and it makes for good reading.

Source: Forbes

Capcom Posts Q1 Profits Of $10 Million

Capcom’s posted Q1 revenues of ¥16.35 billion ($151 million), up more than 14 percent from the same quarter the year before. Profits were up more substantially, more than doubling year-over-year to ¥2.38 billion ($22 million), up from ¥1.13 billion ($10 million) in the corresponding previous period.

That's a nice little sum of money now isn't it? The main reason behind these fantastic figures is said to be Japanese PSP adventure Monster Hunter which sold like crazy over there.

Source: Gamespot

Preowned Game Sales Isn't Right

While at the Develop Event in Brighton, Frontier boss David Braben has spoken out about his view on the practice of selling pre-owned games in the UK:
“More than half their floor area is dedicated to pre-owned and that is something as an industry we don’t see."

“Those same retailers are only carrying new copies of games from the past few months – if it’s a game that’s been out for two months and you want to buy one from a shop not Amazon and you don’t want pre-owned, it’s very hard."

“This is essentially rental, and it’s not tolerated by other industries… Why can we not introduce special ‘for rental’ copies?”
He shares the same view as most from within the industry where developers and publishers struggle to cash in on their games being resold second hand. Maybe they should receive a cut from each sale?

Source: Destructoid

Gone But Bourne Again?

The Bourne franchise, one of the many franchises to hit the fan from the Activision Blizzard merger has been officially dropped and is now back in the hands of the Ludlum estate - the guy who wrote it. Jeffrey Weiner, CEO of Ludlum Entertainment was optimistic:
“The Bourne franchise is more valuable today than it was three years ago when we made the original deal with Vivendi. This is certainly a great opportunity for us to go back out into the interactive market.”
Well lets hope someone fancies making a game of a trilogy that's finished and already been released on DVD...

Source: Variety

Scrabulous - Removed From Facebook

When Facebook allowed user created content to be added to profiles we saw a burst of innovative and clever applications hit the site. One of which was Scrabulous which naturally let you play an online Facebook style version of Scrabble.

Of course, Hasbro the company who owns the rights to the Scrabble IP weren't happy and are fighting a legal battle with Facebook and appear to be winning. When people try and play Scrabulous now, they'll receive a messaging prompting them to sign up for updates.

Source: Videogaming247

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Geometry Wars 2 Released on XBLA Today

I'll admit it. Tears are coming down as I look at the Geometry Wars 2 screenshots. We've had games where companies have shouted that their revolutionary engine will deliver the greatest expereince only to see them fail and yet, Geometry Wars - in still picture form! - just looks so beautiful. Like a fireworks night done properly

Geometry Wars 2 will cost you a low 800 points and what you get is a "remixed" version of the first game, along with five new modes: Waves, Pacifism, King, Deadline and Sequence. You also get multiplayer which can have up to four people (locally) playing with you.

And I couldn't agree more with Joystiq when they say:
"Now, seriously ... what are you still doing reading this?"

Source: Joystiq

Today Hosts Embrasses Themselves On Rock Band

Yes, you may file this one under "cringeworthy", but I don't know. I like the idea of mature people embarrassing themselves playing Rock Band (hell, part of the charm of any guitar 'em up games is that you look like an ass while playing) and it seems like this would go down well at weddings and parties.

At the end of the day, at least this is a positive news item about video games.

Source: Kotaku

Morroblivion - The Greatest Morrowind Mod?

For those who thought Oblivion lacked something that Morrowind had (perhaps charm or true open ended gameplay), well someone out there has not just agreed with you, but done something about it and behold, you have Morroblivion - Morrowind world with Oblivion graphics.

To get this working, you'll need Oblivion patched to 1.2 (though if you have the Shivering Isle expansion, this isn't needed) and the Morrowind game itself, along with the Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansion packs.

Until the Middle Earth mod is released, this is arguably the best mod to have been produced for Oblivion.

Sources: Kotaku /Morroblivion

DC Will Release Comics Based On Resident Evil And Devil May Cry

DC Comics has announced today that they have come to an agreement with Capcom that will allow them to continue to release comics based on Resident Evil and begin working on a Devil May Cry comic. The comics will be created by DC's WidlStorm studio. WidlStrom boss Hank Kanalz had this to say on the news.
"We're ecstatic that Resident Evil is returning to WildStorm, where we have already established deep roots into the mythos of this world. We can't wait to continue, and bring a freshness and excitement to the property to match the amazing things they are doing with the game."
Mr. Kanalz also said that Devil May Cry is a perfect fit for his studio, and that they would continue the high quality that the game established. I'm guessing he hasn't played DMC4.

Source: CVG

Ubisoft Publishing Armored Core: For Answer

In it's list of upcoming releases Ubisoft has revealed that they would be publishing the Western versions of Armored Core: For Answer. The list also stated that the game would be released during it's second financial quarter, which is sometime between July and September of this year.

Hopefully Ubisoft will find it in their hearts to have the game renamed for western audiences.

Source: Gamecyte

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Space Siege Demo Released

Gas Powered Games has released the demo for Space Siege, the spiritual successor to Dungeon Siege. Sega who are publishing the game recently confirmed that Space Siege will be released on August 22nd.

It's available on File Shack right this second and clocks in at only 935mb, so it shouldn't take too long at all.

Source: CVG

Peter Molyneux Planning New Fable Games

Sick of Fable and it's hype that crushes your dreams worse then waking up and realizing your not a millionaire in bed with hot women? Well tough luck because there's going to be three more Fable's coming your way, as Peter Molyneux explains:
"We've got plans for Fable 3, 4 and 5 actually,"

"It's a big story arc and if you play Fable II you'll recognize things from Fable 1."
As Joystiq points out, since it took Fable three years to develop, the most likely dates you can see the next installments of Fable would be 2011, 2014 and 2017.

Molyneux also hinted that Lionhead studios isn't just working on Fable projects but a secret project. The only hint he gave was this vague sentence:
"[the] kind of the result of an experiment that went incredibly well."
You can check out the rest of the interview for yourself on the video above.

Source: Joystiq

Amazon clarifies Gears Lancer Questions

The announcement that a special edition version of Gears of War 2 will include a replica Lancer rifle has had fans of the series wetting themselves with excitement. However, since then there seem to have been some issues with pricing that have caused some confusion.

Joystiq spoke to Amazon to try and clear up some of the issues:
  • Amazon is the exclusive U.S. retailer of the GoW collector's lancer.
  • Amazon will offer the lancer as a bundle with GoW 2.
  • Pricing for the bundle is not yet confirmed.
  • A detail page for the product bundle will go live on the site this week and if pricing is still to be confirmed at that time, customers can sign up to get an email notification for when the product is available for pre-order.
The price hasn't been confirmed yet but im sure that some fans will be buying it regardless of cost.

Source: Joystiq

Mass Effect DLC Out for PC

Bioware has released the downloadable content pack 'Bring Down the Sky' for Mass Effect on PC alongside a patch to fix some bugs the game has.
Bring Down the Sky was originally made available on Xbox 360 for 400 Microsoft points. It contains a new uncharted world that introduces the Batarian race, around ninety minutes of gameplay and an original soundtrack.
The downloadable pack is available for FREE on the pc, to get it you need to boot up your copy and follow the on-screen instructions.

Source: CVG

Thunder Force VI Video

Wow, just wow! It looks like Sega have managed to make take the awesomeness of Thunder Force IV, the graphics of V and fuse them together to make some shmup that will leave fans crying in tears of joy. Orgasmic shooting heaven joy.

Check out the image gallery for more beautiful screens.

Source: 1up / 1up image gallery

Kaz Hirai: "Internal Studios Are More Important Than Third Party"

When quizzed about the loss of exclusivity regarding titles such as Final Fantasy XIII and GTA IV, Sony boss Kaz Hirai states they don't need them:
“On the exclusivity front – whether it’s downloadable or not – one of the unrivalled strengths we have, and we’ve proven this time and time again, is the power of our internal worldwide studios. Our first-party product is obviously platform exclusive and is the best out there.”

"We’ve talked about a raft of great titles, whether that’s Little Big Planet, Resistance 2, SoCom, God Of War 3, Killzone 2, MaG, Motorstorm: Pacific Rift."

"Secondly, if we talk about Blu-Ray, there’s a lot of capacity there. Our discussion with a lot of the publishers is about how the PS3 version of a game has the capacity to exclusive things consumers will be interested in – interviews with the makers of the game, documentary on the franchise or 'making of...' footage."

"That’s as well as additional weapons, levels, tools and characters. Those things very much differentiate our offerings over and above other versions of the same game.”
Oh dear, he quoted the storage capacity of Blu-Ray again... We're yet to see a game utilize the storage capacity of these huge discs and give the gamer something they can't get on another system. With Microsoft's existing catalogue of titles, and exclusives with the addition of taking away Sony's exclusives will the likes of LittleBigPlanet and Motorstorm really keep the console afloat?

Source: MCV

Riccitiello: "Lack Of Initial Wii Support Was A Mistake"

In an interview with Mercury News, EA's CEO John Riccitiello has mentioned that the company's early lack of Wii support was a mistake and now plans have changed to fully incorporate the motion controlled console:
“We’ve got some incredibly innovative Wii titles, incredibly innovative DS titles coming. And so I think that issue’s sort of behind us."

“Right now, you’re seeing an increased emphasis on Wii and DS titles, so we can drive a market on Wii and DS that’s similar to what we have on the Xbox 360 and PS3. If we are successful there - and we will be - over the course of this and next year, it doesn’t matter to me which platform prevails.”

“We made the wrong call there, which made this transition harder than it would otherwise be. But now we’re catching up, and I think we’re fine.”
There's more at the source. You can't blame them really, most people saw the Wii as a novelty gimmick which wasn't worth investing in. Now that everyone on the planet who's never played a videogames console wants one, you kinda can't ignore its success...

Source: Mercury News

Wii Fit Climbs Back On Top In UK

In the week ending July 26th, Nintendo's Wii Fit has climbed back to the top of the UK sales charts with Lego Indy plunging down to fifth. Wall.E makes a none surprising entry following the release of the movie:
  1. Wii Fit
  2. Wall.E
  3. Mario Kart Wii
  4. Guitar Hero: On Tour
  5. Lego Indiana Jones
  6. Wii Play
  7. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
  8. Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  9. Brain Training
  10. Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock
Source: Internal

Wii Shooter "The Conduit" Scoops E3 Awards

A press release posted at GoNintendo states High Voltage Software, the developers behind upcoming Wii shooter, The Conduit have raked a few awards from E3:
In a limited showing throughout the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) Media and Business Summit, The Conduit has managed to earn accolades including:
  • Best Wii Game of E3 (
  • Best Wii Shooter of E3 (
  • Best Graphics Technology on Wii (
  • Honorable Mention for Real-Time Control on Wii (
  • Best Wii Game of E3 (
  • Top 20 Games of E3 (
Not a bad set of awards and will no doubt rank up the hype meter giving this game good standings before it's even released.

Source: GoNintendo

New Brothers In Arms Delayed Again

As you can see Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway has been delayed again, but it's not as bad as you think. It's release date has only been slightly been pushed back from August to September, but it's not all bad news.

The details on the limited edition of Brothers In Arms has been released. For ten extra bucks you will received a figurine, a comic book and a map of one of the area you will be fighting though in the latest Brothers In Arms.

Source: Shacknews

Bionic Commando Rearmed Given Release Date

Capcom announced today that Bionic Commando: Rearmed will be release on the Xbox Live Arcade on Wednesday August 13th and on the Playstation Network on Thursday August 14th. The game will be 800 Microsoft points on XBLA and $9.99 / GBP 6.99 / EUR 9.99 on PSN.

Source: Eurogamer

Sliver Members Will Game For Free For A Limited Time

The rumor that Xbox Live Silver members will be able to play online for free has been confirmed by Microsoft...well sort of. Today Microsoft announced that Silver members will have "online visitation rights" for a limited time only.

Online visitation rights. Microsoft is acting like Silver members are poor fathers who can only visit their children every other Saturday.


The Silver member free to play has been better explained. Silver members will only be allowed to play cross platform games like Shadowrun. When the Fall Update comes out Silver members will go back to the normal Silver guidelines.

Source: Kotaku

Monday, 28 July 2008

(U.S.) Game Dates For The Week Of 7/28/08

Big Titles: Beijing 2008: The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games, Soul Calibur IV

Tuesday, July 29nd
Art of Murder: FBI Confidential (PC)
Beijing 2008: The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games (PC)
Everlight: Power to the Elves (PC)
Ford Racing Off Road (PC, Wii, PS2, PSP)
Freddi Fish: The Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds (Wii)
Jeep Thrills (PS2)
King of Clubs Minigolf (Wii)
Sam & Max: Season 1 (Wii)
Spectral Force 3 (360)
Soul Calibur IV (PS3, 360)
Summer Athletics: The Ultimate Challenge (360, Wii, PS2)
Women's Volleyball Championship (PS2)

(U.K.) Game Dates For The Week Of 7/28/08

Big Titles: Soul Calibur IV

Friday, August 1st
Soul Calibur IV (PS3, 360)

Greatest Hits Collection Unveiled

Playstation's Great Hits collection is finally been revealed today, with nine games being named to receive the accolade. Greatest Hits equals a new jeweled case and a price tag of $30, which will make many PS3 owners breath easier.

The nine games named are:
*Resistance: Fall of Man
*Call of Duty 3
*Need for Speed Carbon
*The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
*Ninja Gaiden Sigma
*Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas
*Assassin's Creed
Pretty good...Unless you own them already. Which in that case, you may want to examine that hole in your wallet.

Source: Joystiq

Gaia Online Releases MMO - zOMG

Gaia Online, pretty much the be all and end all of forum and chat based roleplay, has finally launched it's MMO and rather go for a pretentious title, they've gone for one that's cheeky - zOMG (which is also great because it's, by default, a pun.)

zOMG has started it's closed beta today and Gaia is taking feedback from players who were selected in April to test out zOMG.

zOMG is browser-based Flash and will be free to play, which is similar to Dofus, which has become a cult classic MMO itself. expect the usual questing and grinding but hopefully sprinkled with some of that Gaia Online magic.

It's certainly ideal for those who have felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of text roleplay in Gaia Online and want to express their words through hitting things until they go squishy (okay so that probably only applies to me.)

Source: Kotaku

Firesky's Stargate Worlds Trailer

Well the Pay 2 Play MMO market just got a bit more crowded as Firesky attempts to get it's share with Stargate Worlds. It looks like it has potential and the Stargate fanbase may be an advantage for Firesky.

Source: Kotaku

Lord Of The Rings: Conquest Gameplay Footage

Played at Comic-Con, Lord Of The Rings: Conquest looks to be an enjoyable game, but it needs more going on to make it more worthwhile.

Source: Kotaku

News Station Reports "Disturbing" Video Game Story

According to Orlando's Channel Six news, pedophiles will offer "game points" in exchange for nude images of children. What these "game points" are the station doesn't elaborate...In fact Channel Six doesn't really explain much in the story at all and it's a bit of a mess.

Example, here's state attorney Cybercrime Detective Lt. David Maurer talking about the situation:
"Kids are playing games, and they are being asked to take photos of themselves naked in order to get game points," "There is not only the chatting version of the games but also a webcam involved."
Well damn, this is a pretty serious thing going on...If it weren't for the fact that the detective later on admits this is one of his personal theories.

And the most popular games that pedophiles are targeting youngsters through? Halo 3, Call Of Duty, Final Fantasy and Grand Theft Auto. Yeah had the story mentioned more casual MMO's, this story might more valid.

It's not that there isn't a possibility that pedophiles are targeting youngsters in multiplayer games. But Channel Six (and anyone else) need to do better research.

Source: Kotaku

Another Marvel Vs Capcom In The Works?

While speaking to IGN, Marvel Productions boss Kevin Feige has more or less confirmed there'll be a new Marvel Vs Capcom game coming when he was popped the question:
"Yes. And maybe sooner than you think."
However, that's all he said you get nothing more than that unfortunately!

Wahlberg Won't Play max Payne Game

Speaking to Max Payne actor Mark Wahlberg has mentioned he won't play the videogame due to this addictive personality:
“I didn’t want to play because I have an addictive personality. I got more responsibility now than I’ve ever had with the kids and everything else. I don’t want to be spending 14 hours on the videogame and then eight hours on the set. It’s not going to work out.”
While there's some logic to his statement, if he was to play it through for 14 hours he'd more or less get it done and could move on. Also, shouldn't he have played it to find out what the hell his character is all about in the movie...?


EA To Post Massive Loss Tomorrow

According to Forbes, EA will be posting a massive $111 million Q2 loss tomorrow:
For the quarter ended June 30, the Redwood City, Calif.-based game publisher is expected to report a loss of $111 million, or 33 cents per share, compared with a loss of $132 million, or 42 cents per share, for the year-ago period, according to the average estimates of analysts polled by Thomson Financial. Revenues for the quarter are expected to jump 60% to $633.9 million from $431 million a year ago.
This isn't unusual for companies to expect this type of loss due to the way they release their games, more at the source.

Source: Forbes