Monday, 30 June 2008

First Fifa 09 Footage Appears

But please, for the love of all things sacred, don't bother checking it out! We were in two minds about posting it but then again, there are the die hard fans who crave anything to do with the games they love.

In what looks to be the most terrible video quality ever, Tiscali have an off-screen, washed out pixelated mess of a video claiming to be gameplay from Fifa 09. Personally, it looks exactly the same as Fifa 08 in our opinion... Go check it at the source, if you dare!

Source: Tiscali Games

Age of Conan - Impressive Shipping and Sales Figures

Funcom must have been proud, not to mention relived, when they announced that their MMO Age of Conan has reached the milestone of having one million copies shipped. This isn't the same as being sold as of which the figures for that are 700,000, which is still damn well impressive.

If you want to check out the press release, hit the source button.

Source: Kotaku

Cooking Mama Returns To The Wii

The world's most pointless franchise with the coolest name - Majesco's Cooking Mama will be appearing on the Wii for the second time with Cooking Mama World Kitchen.

Cooking Mama World Kitchen won't feature the cute and charming hand-drawn graphics of it's predecessors and instead goes for the 3D look and as well as adding new recipes and tweaks on the rhythmic cooking style, mistakes will lead to new minigames in an attempt to prevent a cooking disaster.

Jesse Sutton, CEO of Majesco commented on the newest game:
"The Cooking Mama franchise continues to be a best seller at more than two million units sold to date,"

"Mama's newest iteration, Cooking Mama World Kitchen, builds on this success with a host of feature enhancements that improve the cooking experience and deliver more of the unique personality that has made Mama such an endearing video game character."
A new cooking mama game is all well and good, but I await the day Majesco introduce an accessory that enables you to actually create the food for real you make in the game.

Source: 1up

Mega Man 9 Not WiiWare Exclusive

Sorry Nintendo fans, but Mega Man 9 will not be yours alone as Ars Tehhnica have reported that MM9 will be appearing on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Arcade at the same time it arrives on Wii Ware.

No release date confirmed so far, but this is the first downloadable game that will appear on all three new-gen systems.

Source: 1up

(U.S.) Game Dates For The Week Of 6/30/08

Big Titles: Gears of War Refresh, Trama Center: Under he Knife 2

Monday, June 30th
Commander in Chief (PC)
The Immortals of Terra: A Perry Rhodan Adventure (PC)

Tuesday, July 1st
AMF Bowling: Pinbusters (DS)
Ducati Moto (DS)
Gears of War Refresh (360)
Purr Pals (Wii)
Trama Center: Under the Knife 2 (DS)

(U.K.) Game Dates For The Week Of 6/30/08

Big Titles: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Unreal Tournament III

Friday, July 4th
Bakushow (DS)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness (DS)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time (DS)

Unreal Tournament III (360)
Wall-E (360, Wii)

Sony Shows Off Their Trophies And Gives FW 2.40 Release Date

It looks like Sony has already given us part 2 of their video walktrhough of FW 2.40. This time the focus was on their achievement system, also known as trophies. Also, your friends list has been doubled from 50 to 100.
Sony has announced that FW 2.40 will be available on July 2nd.
Watch the vid to learn about all of the finer details.
Source: Playstation Blog

Rock Band 2 Worldwide Release In September

EA have confirmed Rock Band will launch in the US and Europe in September but no specific day has been announced just yet:
“Yes, it’s the same for Europe but we don’t have a confirmed release date, no other details have been announced.”
That release date is however, only confirmed for lucky 360 owners, with a release on other platforms later in the year.

Source: Videogaming247

Xbox 360 Price Cut Confirmed?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a major retailer has confirmed the rumoured Xbox 360 price cut. The cut will apply to premium consoles by $50, from $349 to $299. It's also stated to happen before E3. It's worth pointing out that these guys leaked the first price details back in August 2007 and were dead on the money, so we have reason to believe them.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Sony Shows Off Their Big 2.40 Update

PS3 owners have had a subpar service for quite a while now, but with their 2.40 update, Sony hopes to change that. This is part 1 or their video walkthrough about the new firmware and it shows off the in-game XMB, custom soundtracks, and more. Well enough reading, just watch the vid!

Source: Playstation Blog

Half-Life 2: Ep. 3 To Be A No Show At E3 2008

Doug Lombardi of Valve let it be known in an e-mail that Half-Life 2: Ep. 3 will not be at this years E3. That's pretty much all there is to that. Fans of the series will have to wait just a little bit (probably a lot) longer before more footage of the next installment of Half-Life is released.

Source: Next-Gen

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Blizzard Announces Diablo III

Wow, it's been a long time since the last game, but the sequel is here at last. Diablo III has been announced. Not too much is known, but Blizzard has shown off the old Barbarian class as well as a new class, the Witch Doctor. The Witch Doctor will have abilities that focus on pets and taking control of your enemies. Ah, good old mind control.
Diablo III's engine will be isometric and have a more stylized look to it, much like Starcraft II.

Source: 1up

Friday, 27 June 2008

Disgaea 3 Screenshots and Additional Content Info

While you'll be amazed and scraping at the monitor begging for Diagaea 3 to be released when looking at the screenshots, you'll be even more agonized when you learn the Japanese will get additional content packs. The first is a special PS3 theme which contains Disgaea 2 characters Adell and Rosalin and the kitty-girl Nekomata monster.

While this means nothing to me (sadly, I have yet to play the first Disgaea), this is sure to make you go "sweet" and then go "damn those lucky Japanese" in bitterness.

Source: Kotaku

Super Mario Gaming Marathon For Chairty

Talk about the ultimate excuse to play Mario games! Three former college roommates - Brian Brinegar, Dan May, and John Groth - plan to spend the next fifty-five hours playing seven different Mario games: Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, and 3, Super Mario World, Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy.

That would be uber-geeky and slightly sad had it not been for the fact they are doing it for Child's Play charity. The marathon will be broadcast on UStreamTV all weekend.

You can look at this cynically but at the end of the day, what's wrong with combining a hobby with a good cause...and you can insult their playing skills on their chat room on their website.

Source: Kotaku / Super Mario marathon Offcial Page / Child's Play Charity

Diablo Forum Madness

According to Kotaku, you can also access Diablo 4 and Diablo 5 forums and if you scroll down the comments, someone has pointed out you can access the "Warcraft 4: Ghost" forum

So anyway...Blizzard have either planned well in advance and already are developing three Diablo titles at once, trying to keep interest in diablo high or just generally messing with our minds.

Just hurry up and give us Diablo 3 dammit.

Source: Kotaku

New Adventure Island Heading For The Wii

First the Blue Bomber (that's Mega Man, people) and now Master Higgins! Is 2008 the year of video game comebacks?!

In case you don't recall / know who Master Higgins is, he's the lead character in Hudson Soft's 'Adventure Island' series. There were a fair number of Adventure Island games which didn't always play in the same manner, so check out the Wiki source link for more info.

It's been 13 years since the last Adventure Island game and Hudson's Takahashi Meijin clearly felt that Hudson believed it was time to call Higgins out of retirement. He also stated that the game will most likely appear on the WiiWare but also that they weren't going to rush and put a half-assed motion control for the game.

Now if Konami would just release a new Rocket Knight Adventure / Sparkster game, the WiiWare would become the greatest thing ever.

Source: Joystiq / Adventure Island Wiki

New Rainbow Six DLC

Ubisoft has announced new maps and updates for Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. New maps will include my personal favorite map from R6V Calypso Casino and two re-lit maps of Murdertown and CQB Training. There will also be an update that fixes a ton of problems. They include skulls next to the names of dead players, new ranks, new A.C.E.S, and a grenade indicator.

Ubisoft I guess hasn't learned about relighting maps from their days of Ghost Recon, but at least it's free.

Source: Videogaming 24/7

Diablo 3 Proof?

There is a Diablo 3 Forum on Don't believe us click the source link.

Source: Diablo 3 Forum

White Knight Release Time Frame

Sadly, I couldn't say an actual release date, but it's something. Sony has revealed that White Knight Chronicles will release sometime during the current fiscal year. That means March 31st of 2009 at the latest.

However, this most likely refers to the Japanese release. There's no telling when it will come to the West. Sigh...

Source: Gamespot

Mega Man 9 Coming To Wiiware

Capcom has announced Mega Man 9 for Wiiware. The newest Mega Man game will be inspired by the old NES 2D games. The game will be so much like the NES games that you will have to hold a Wiimote sideways like a NES controller.

Let's all pray that this new Mega Man will at least be decent.

Source: Eurogamer

More Lucas Arts Pink Slip Rumors

Well now there are even more rumors about Lucas Arts shutting down their internal studios. The word is that the Force Unleashed team has now been given their pink slips. If all of the rumors end up being true, then I suppose Lucas Arts really is done with internal development.

Source: Kotaku

PSP Support for Ps3 Video Store

Rumour has it that Sony is planning to integrate the Playstation Portable with its newly announced Playstation 3 video service. This would in theory allow the user to download a movie from the playstation store and then watch it on their ps3.
This apparently comes as part of an effort by Sony to make PS3's video service offer more than Xbox and Apple iTunes equivalents.

Talks of a similar direct-to-PSP function for Blu-ray films also resurfaced in the Variety report - a feature that still hasn't materialised despite previous reports
Sony has so far refused to comment on the service, however, with E3 less than a month away expect to hear some info on it soon.

Source: CVG

More 360 Price Drop Rumours

This time, the rumours have sprung from the High Def Digest forums. A member has posted what he claims to be a scan of an upcoming KMart ad showing a price drop taking effect in the US from June 6.

The ad suggests the 20GB 360 Pro will drop by USD 50 to USD 299. There is no indication that the Elite or Arcade models will be due for a price cut. We can't see Microsoft commenting on this one given their response to different rumours earlier in the week:
"Microsoft does not comment on rumors or speculation".
Source: CVG

Castlevania Wii Shocker

The recently rumoured Castlevania game for the Nintendo Wii has been revealed, but not as fans may expect.

Going from the Side Scrolling platformer fans know and love, the game will be a 3D fighter of all things, including characters from the series.
According to the magazine, the Nunchuk controls character movement and the Wii Remote is used for motion attacks. We presume that means you shake to swing your weapon of choice.
Characters so far confirmed are Dracula, Simon, Alucard, Shanoa and Maria Renard. Classic weapons like holy water, magic spells, the dagger and the boomerang will be returning and a bunch of old Castlevania tunes will be remixed for the game.
Being such a classic and loved series, this rather drastic change in direction may worry and annoy fans, who would have been looking forward to a classic return to Castlevania with the wii's waggling abilities.

Source: CVG

No Movie Companies Sign Up To Sony's Video On Demand Service

Sony's recently announced download service may suffer some hiccups due to the fact that no companies have yet signed up to offer downloadable movies through their Playstation Network. Variety reports:
"While Sony may feel confident video downloads will be ready to go this summer, it doesn’t exactly have a big library lined up. Sources at numerous major studios confirmed to me that while they have all talked to Sony, none have yet made a deal. The only one that’s definitely on board so far is, for obvious reasons, Sony Pictures."
More at the source link, but somehow we doubt Sony will have trouble recruiting companies seeing as their hardware format for next-gen physical movie distribution has already won over their competitor...

Source: Variety

Brothers In Arms: Hells Highway Developer Diary Posted

Check out the video above featuring an interview with Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford and military advisers talking about this fantastic looking game.

Source: Internal

Lego Indiana Jones Demo Available On Xbox Live!

I'm sure a demo wasn't planned for a console release but here it is anyway according to the Major. Go grab the Lego Indiana Jones from the marketplace now!

Source: MajorNelson

PS3: Smaller Graphics Chips on the Way

According to Sony Computer Entertainment's CEO, Kaz Hirai, the Playstation 3's Cell processors will use smaller graphics chips. Speaking at the PlayStation Business Review in Tokyo, Hirai confirmed the smaller RSX chips would arrive in the autumn:
"The Cell and RSX used in PS3s at launch were manufactured using a 90nm process technology. And now all PS3 Cells have shifted to 65nm process technology since last holiday season".

Sacred 2 Set for PS3 Release

Ascaron has confirmed the PS3 version of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel will be released on November 7. The PS3 port of the action RPG has been in development for over a year and will feature drop in/drop out co-op for four players online (2 players offline). Also, it will support PSN game-in-progress invitations and feature leaderboards.

Check out the official website here.

Source: Eurogamer

First Proper Call of Duty 5 Screens

The first official screenshots from Activision's Call of Duty 5: World at War have arrived, note these aren't scans from a magazine.

Built using the Call of Duty 4 engine, the screens show mayhem everywhere, with a variety of locations, weapons and enemies. This is World War 2, but maybe not how we know it.

There are 14 screenshots in total, 3 of which can be found below with the rest over at CVG, you can find them by hitting the source link.

Source: CVG

Resistance 2 Boss Monster Revealed

What you are looking at is one of the bosses in Resistance 2. This monster is called the Leviathan and these shots come from the latest issue of Gamepro. According to them, this creature is not only huge, but also quite fast. Be sure to check out the magazine for all of the finer details.

Source: PSU

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Prince of Persia: The Fallen King Heading For Nintendo DS

Ubisoft have revealed a Nintendo DS version of the new-gen Prince of Persia game. Called, "Prince of Persia: The Fallen King." you control the prince (who now has a chibi look to him) in a game that has you helping get rid of corruption in a kingdom, utilizing "unique stylus controls" to do so.

The prince is not alone as he as a new ally and playable character Magus, who uses his magical powers to aid the prince in his quest. Seriously, how could you not expect a character called Magus to have magical powers?

The chibi prince and his mystical partner will be yours to control this Holiday.

Source: Joystiq

Madden 09 Goes Gold - Dated

EA's Madden 09 has gone gold, meaning that its finished and ready to ship. The game has been dated for August 12th.
If you're not up to date on the improvements and additions of this latest installment, Madden 09 promises adaptive AI that will change depending on your skill level, the inclusion of online leagues, and improved presentation modeled after television broadcasts, with commentary by Cris Collinsworth and Todd Hammond (a greatly needed improvement, as the presentation and lack of any real commentary was one of Madden 08's biggest shortcomings).
Source: 1up

Soul Calibur IV: "Character Swapping" Details

Either the Soul Calibur team have been watching a lot of wrestling or they feel that tag-team style of gameplay would be the next step for Soul Calibur IV. Whatever the reason, Namco will be introducing the "character swapping" ability which is used in single-player store mode (oddly, it's not confirmed for Vs. modes).

"character swapping" allows you to preform combos (and possibly allow more tactical gameplay), but you only have limited uses since it depletes a meter on screen in the lower left/right side. Also you may get teammates leaving or joining your side at the end of the battle, but no more details about this is available.

You want more information? Check out the source link for lots of new gameplay updates and prepare to be giddy with excitement or nervousness.

Source: 1up

Mega Man Sequel Coming To WiiWare

If there was ever a title to convert people to WiiWare, it would have to be a Mega Man game.

The majority of Mega Man games have never been forgiving, often abusing us with challenging (read: unfair) level designs and bosses that make us curl into a ball while wimpering "mommy". Yet for some masochistic reason, we always go back to playing them.

And it will be no different when Mega Man 9 comes to WiiWare. Yes that's right, this is a new Mega Man game since 1996's Mega Man 8 (Obviously we're not counting the 'Mega Man X' series or any other spin-offs).

Nintendo Power not only has screenshots of Mega Man 9 but with Series creator Keiji Inafune who says the game will retain the classic look and feel of the original NES versions of the game (as well as the hard as nails difficulty I assume).

The robot bosses also have an old skool name feel to them: Magma Man, Galaxy Man, Jewel Man, Concrete Man, Hornet Man, Plug Man, Tornado Man and Splash Woman.

Look, if your even a little Mega Man fan and own a Wii, your going to get this. You know it's going to pat you on the head and then kick you in the nut sack, but you'll keep coming back for more Mega Man pain.

Source: Kotaku

9.8 million PSN accounts made

Sony has revealed that there 9.8 million Playstation Network accounts have been made.

Overall, over 170 million downloads have been issued, from both Playstation 3 and Playstation portable store.

Sony didnt state whether these figures include multiple accounts made by one person, often done as a way to get around the region based store content restrictions.

Source: Gamesindustry

Sony Reveals Life With Playstation

Kaz Hirai of Sony, has revealed their new service, Life with Playstation for the PS3. WIth this service, users can find information on current news and weather forcasts for places around the world. You can check the news headlines and read the full articles if you choose to do so. You can access your music while you're using this service as well.

Check some of the pics below...

Source: Kotaku