Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The Top 20 Street Fighter IV Players In Japan

We know these guys take arcade games seriously and Shoryuken has published of who's hot and who's not. If your name ain't on the list, take it as a hint you're not. Anyway, the top 3 are below and top 20 at the source if you wanna check it out:
1. ウメハラ (Umehara)
Character: Ryu
Battle Points: 130,915
Match/Win Ratio: 5,204/4,488 86.24%

2. おじさんボーイ (Ojisan Boy)
Character: Sagat
Battle Points: 110,390
Match/Win Ratio: 4,352/3,516 80.79%

3. マゴ (Mago)
Character: Sagat
Battle Points: 100,431
Match/Win Ratio: 4,091/3,202 78.27%
Source: Shoryuken

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