Monday, 24 November 2008

The Last Remnant Not Scoring Too Well In The West

Oh dear, Square Enix's latest J-RPG for the Xbox 360 isn't going down too well with Western publications despite a 38/40 score from Japanese magazine, Famitsu. MetaCritic currently scores the game at 66 points based on 6 reviews, publications below:
70 - Official Xbox Magazine
There are certainly bits and pieces of decent storytelling hidden throughout the game, but for every ounce of beauty, you get three humdrum pounds of grind. [Holiday 2008, p.78]

70 - Game Informer
In short, The Last Remnant that has all the trappings of a game in the RPG genre, but fails to stand out from the crowd. [Dec 2008, p.119]

68 - Team Xbox
Massive, multi-party battles don’t deliver the strategic pop that hardcore RPG fans are looking for.

65 - GameSpot
Technical flaws mar, but don't totally destroy, this long and fascinating role-playing game.

60 - EuroGamer
The longer we've spent with The Last Remnant, the more we find ourselves wishing that it were a pure strategy RPG, because the more time you invest, the more interesting the battle system becomes - and, as a consequence, the more you begin to resent everything that prevents you enjoying it. [JPN Import]

60 - GamePro
It's really too bad that The Last Remnant is so uneven. For every one thing it does right, there is a glaring fault that ruins the fun.
Source: MetaCritic

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