Tuesday, 23 September 2008

"Splinter Cell: Conviction Visual Direction Is Much Better"

Sam Fisher's latest outing in Splinter Cell: Conviction went very quiet after early screenshots and videos. Community development manager, Chris Easton spoke to VG247 to give an update on the game:
“Splinter Cell Conviction is certainly not canned, despite what the Internet rumour mill says, and won’t look significantly different to what you’ve seen before."

“The gameplay’s evolved a lot but the visual direction is simply much better than what you’ve seen.”

“The gameplay has evolved from what we showed at Ubidays last year and when you see it again it’ll be worth the wait.”
A lot of people are waiting to see how this turns out. So far, the game is known to be exclusive to the Xbox 360 and no release date has yet been announced.

Source: VG247

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