Monday, 8 September 2008

Pissed Spore Customers Leave One Star Rating At Amazon

Spore is out, it's a great game and it's already on the Internet to download as a torrent. We ask you not to download it illegally, you'll contribute towards destroying our Industry.

However, it seems those who are genuinely respectful and purchased the game are rather pissed of at the game's DRM protection system which only allows you to install a copy of the game three times. Buyers have expressed their distaste at the game screwing over the only people it should be praising by leaving a bad review and one out of five star rating.

It seems fans feel they are renting a game rather than purchasing if they get limited installations. We all know what systems are like for crashing, having to reinstall, getting a new machine etc what use is the game when you've had your three installations?

Source: Amazon


Anonymous said...

Whaaaat?? That's shit I was gonna get this but dunno now... guess it's not THAT big a deal... but still it is more like a rental if you've got limited installations.

Anonymous said...

lol hey if you install it 3 times you can just go and buy it again if you fancy it for a 4th!

Anonymous said...

lol and it's ALREADY online to torrent so all they're doing is screwing the good guys