Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Nintendo Set To Break Employee Revenue Records

Nintendo Prints Money Nintendo Prints Money Nintendo Prints Money

Nintendo are set to earn more revenue per employee this year than major banking firm Goldman Sachs achieved in its record breaking year in 2007. From the source:
Nintendo employs under 3,000 staff, each of whom takes home an average annual salary of $90,900 a year. Assuming the platform holder achieves its net profit target of 410 billion yen ($3.9bn) in 2008, each employee will generate the company $1.6 million in profit, according to the paper’s calculations.

In comparison, the average Goldman Sach’s employee generated $1.24 million in profit for the firm before tax and pay in 2007, and received a $660,000 pay packet. The equivalent figure for Google is reportedly $626,000.
Source: Edge

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