Thursday, 25 September 2008

Molyneux: "Fable II Will Define My Position In The Industry"

Peter Molyneux Peter Molyneux Peter Molyneux

In an interview with GI, Peter Molyneux has mentioned that he believes Fable II will define his position within the industry:
“At the end of the day you can stand up in front of people and wave your arms, but unless you actually create a product, you don’t deserve that attention. I still stand by that - I think it should define my position in the industry, and if it’s not good, that says something about me. And if it is good, that also says something about me."

“Obviously with any creation you always want a bit more time, to play around with it some more, but ultimately I’m incredibly proud of Fable and with what the team has managed to do with it.”
For the full interview, go check out the source. We'll get to see how good Fable II actually is when it's released on October 24th.

Source: GI

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