Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Duke Nukem 3D Is Now On Xbox Live

Duke Nukem 3D Xbox Live Arcade Duke Nukem 3D Xbox Live Arcade Duke Nukem 3D Xbox Live Arcade

If you listen carefully you can almost here the sound of our lad Mark jumping around his office like an excited schoolgirl... in completely 'unrelated' news Duke Nukem 3D is now available on live for you to download and kick some serious alien ass.
Content: Duke Nukem 3D
Price: 800 Microsoft Points
Availability: Not available in Germany and Korea
Dash Text: [ESRB: M (MATURE) BLOOD AND GORE, VIOLENCE, STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT] Xbox LIVE Multiplayer 2-8, HD (High Definition). Unlock the full version for 39 levels of mayhem! Wreak havoc on your foes with weapons like Pipe Bombs, Shrink Ray, and Freezer. Impress your friends on the leaderboards, earn achievements, and take advantage of the painless death system – rewind 10 seconds or 10 minutes, the choice is up to you. All new User Clip recording, sharing and uploading have been added and best of all - online multiplayer with cooperative and DukeMatch for up to 8 players through Xbox LIVE! What are you waiting for?
Source: Major Nelson

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