Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Could Google Step In As A Games Publisher

In a recent Forbes article journalist Chris Morris argues Google may have what it takes to enter the games market as a publisher:
While most videogame makers rely heavily on brick and mortar retailers to drive sales (something Google isn’t currently set up for), digital delivery is a rapidly growing industry. Valve Software has seen success with its Steam delivery system. And Electronic Arts (nasdaq: ERTS - news - people ) has been pushing its online store more heavily in recent months. The money’s not as good, but the growth potential is significant. And Google has the bankroll to wait for the growth to come.

“Given all the employees they have and the company’s policy of encouraging side projects, I would be very surprised if there wasn’t somebody in Google who’s not approaching [gaming] as an opportunity,” [Colin] Sebastian says. “Of course, there are a number of hurdles that have to be cleared before it reaches the outside world.”
An interesting piece but nothing to be taken seriously as this isn't much more than one man's view on the company.

Source: Forbes

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