Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Metal Gear Online Servers Updated

Metal Gear Online Metal Gear Online Metal Gear Online

Konami hasnt got the best track record for online gaming, PES08 having frankly awful online problems and Metal Gear Online also suffering from Gremlins.

The main MGO game servers have been receiving server maintenance over the last few weeks, this has caused some disruption to the game, however Konami are saying that the maintenance is finished for now.

The updates include:
"1)Players will gain 5 reward points when they have finished a round in the automatching lobbies 'SNAKE:EX', 'LIQUID:EX' and 'SOLIDUS:EX'.

"*The lobbies 'SNAKE:EX', 'LIQUID:EX' and 'SOLIDUS:EX' are only available for users who have bought the 'MGO GENE EXPANSION'.

"2)A new Survival Lobby 'MK2' has been added."
So nothing drastic but any update can only be a good update (unless it breaks the game).

Source: CVG

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