Monday, 9 June 2008

Girls don't like Games and are Ugly and Smelly - Report

Well, you can probably scratch the ugly and smelly bit in some cases, but THQ Wireless marketing director James Scalpello has risked the wrath of wimmin everywhere by questioning the logic of making games for a female audience.
“I’m just not convinced by the whole ‘games for girls’ idea – both on console and mobile. I don’t think there’s ever been a successful game really pinpointed just for girls. I think it’s a lost cause, quite frankly. Console games hasn’t managed it yet and mobile games are even further behind. Car manufacturers colour code bits of cars and for some reason it works. But it won’t work with games."
Yeowch! And the claws get even sharper when he claims that girl gamers are patronised:
"You have hardcore gamers that are girls, that don’t need to be patronised, and you have games that come with a phone – which girls will always play. But not in a million years would most girls connect to a mobile portal to download a game. When girls play console games, they have to have gone through a whole other list of things they could have done before sitting down with them. Guys get home, have dinner, and play a computer game. It’s much higher up the list of priorities. To put it bluntly, girls have got better things to do.”
Any girl gamers come to the site to leave comments? What are your thoughts on this tirade? Is he basically saying what us alpha males have been thinking for years or does his brain need a makeover?


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