Friday, 28 March 2008

Capcom Dev Argues XBLA Slur

Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 director Adam Boyes at Capcom has come out and said he thinks N+ developer Metanet was wrong to slag off Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade. Writing on the US Capcom blog Boyes mentions how it's not the content which is letting the system down but the delivery:
"There is good content up there, but the Yellow Pages system [alphabetised with numerical titles at the top] doesn't lend itself to a proper sorting mechanic that we are used to from Amazon or YouTube"

"Instead of complaining that XBLA has hundreds of games that are 'utter sh**' and advocating a no-limit release of a billion craptastic games, I think we need to work on lobbying a better system for sorting games. After all, Sony already has sorting for 'Most Popular' on PSN..."
Boyes went on to compliment the service at being able to try every game before you buy and the freedom and open choice it gives to both developers and gamers making simple games available to try and download easily to anyone and classics for fans.

Source: CapcomBlog

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