Friday, 28 March 2008

Byron Report Won't Affect Adult Gamers

Tanya Byron (the increasingly more attractive appearing chick above) has insisted that her report published yesterday won't stop adults from accessing the content they want. They'll still be able to choose what they want to view or interact with:
“I’ve worked with a lot of gamers throughout the review and I do believe that adults have the right to make decisions about the content that they access, whether it’s viewing or interacting. There’s a huge moral debate around content in videogames. I’m very clear, that wasn’t the remit of my review to pass judgment on that and I do believe that content for adults is content for adults. It should be rated that way.”
So it looks like what she meant was this rating system will ensure or at least try its best to make sure content is only made accessible to those it should be. So no more 14yr old kids stealing cars GTA style...


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