Monday, 11 February 2008

Steam Powers On With 15 million

Steam has announced that over the holiday season that it broke through the 15 million registered users barrier. This is due to the slew of modern classics which became available at the time i.e. Call Of Duty 4, Bioshock, Orange Box etc, but despite that, the figures are still pretty impressive.

Valve president Gabe Newell said:
"PC gaming is thriving and has evolved into an era of constant connectivity. That connectivity gives us the ability to have a much better relationship with customers, not just for delivering our games, but across all aspects of our business - including the design, development, and support of our games."
The next objective for Valve, with such a strong user base, is to address the issue of piracy which has again reared its ugly head in the PC world. This could be combated with the Steamworks service to regulate user content.

Source: 1Up

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