Sunday, 17 February 2008

A Sonic RPG!? Blasphemy!

Okay, okay, we all already knew about the Blue Blur's transition to one of the slowest paced genres in the videogame industry, but, we've heard little news on the game. But, no more! BioWare has been so generous to offer IGN the "first details and screens" of the DS RPG!

(A side note: Nintendo Power's latest issue had the information before IGN.)

So, what is this game going to play like, exactly?

Well, it's supposed to have a deep story that ties up some loose ends from previous Sonic games, and, guess what? You eventually get to go to another dimension. Hoo-boy.

The battle system? Turn-based (like Dragon Quest). But, wait! There are real time elements that make you be in the action, so to say(think Super Mario RPG).

There are several playable characters, including our likely heroes, Rouge the Bat, and.... Big the Cat. Yep. Each character has a sort of field ability that allows access to news areas and treasure and whatnot.

Oh, and don't worry, says BioWare, there are loop-de-loops.

So, what's to become of this? A trainwreck? A BIGGER trainwreck? Well, that's all a matter of opinion.

Source: IGN

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