Monday, 25 February 2008

No Goldeneye For XBLA

Bad news folks, Microsoft has today denied any involvement with the classic Goldeneye and itself, announcing that it won't even be released on XBox Live Arcade. Microsoft game studio's had this to say:

"Unfortunately, we were never contacted by the publication to confirm information or participate in the story in any way, as we would have confirmed that we do not have the necessary rights to release GoldenEye on Xbox Live Arcade. We do however share the gaming communities enthusiasm for the title and would love to release it on the service."
Although sad news for gamers, it's even worse news for XBox World 360 Magazine as they promised readers they would unveil the full details of the game next issue! Microsoft say their word is 'mere rumour and speculation', but come on Microsoft, get talking to to the big wigs who own Goldeneye and make it a dream come true!

Source: Eurogamer

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