Monday, 4 February 2008

The Most Immersive City Sim Yet?

And it's not Sim City! Developers Introversion (Darwinia & DefCon) are hard at work on their new work in progress title "Subversion" which is similar to that of Sim City but on a massive, massive scale. Cities within the game are generated from the engine and each city can contain up to 70,000 buildings all with their own unique appearance. Lead programmer Chris Delay stated:
"Subversion is undoubtedly the most ambitious game we've ever attempted to create - massive in scope and totally uncompromising in it's requirements. But every day I work on it I'm even more convinced - this is the big one, Introversion Software's Magnum Opus, and it's going to be the best game we will ever make."
Sounds fantastic to me, could this be the living breathing city simulator we've all yearned for since we got bored of Sim City's same old approach...?

Source: Kotaku

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