Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Lair Controls To Be Fixed?

Lair got some terrible reviews, most of them by and large due to its terrible control system and use of the six axis functions. Julian Eggebrecht, president of Factor 5, mostly cited that hardcore gamers couldn't get a grip of the controls and that there was actually a good game in there somewhere:
"If we find a chance in the future that would bring Lair to the audience which didn't get any access, that would be fantastic. I can't say anything quite yet, but there might be something in the works there. We might have a chance yet to bring those back to the table and hopefully, if that should happen, they would give the game a second chance Nevertheless, we definitely took a long look at the results and learned a couple of lessons. If you're on a platform where this whole motion control is something new and not being pitched as the main feature of the platform, you should probably give the choice between having different control schemes, there is absolutely no doubt about it."
Now whether this will be a downloadable patch or a complete re-release, don't count on having seen the last of Lair.

Source: 1Up

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