Monday, 4 February 2008

Famitsu Readers Not All That Bothered Out Playstation Home...

It seems the majority of readers of Famistu magazine, Japan's gaming bible, aren't too fussed about Playstation Home and infact expressed a displeased view on the concept of Home itself. The magazine asked readers the following question with results below:

"What do you think about member services like PlayStation Home?"
  • 27.3 percent are interested in trying it out
  • 37.3 percent don't care
  • 35.4 percent dislike such services
A large percentage against the arrival of PS Home with some students expressing their individual dislike at the service:
"I won't allow myself to be trapped in some fake reality."
"It just doesn't look like it'd be fun as a game."
"It's more fun to enjoy myself in the real world."
Source: Kotaku

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