Friday, 1 February 2008

EA - Spore Might Come Out... Before The Holidays?

Spore, the new creation from Will Wright has been in the public light for quite some time now. An exciting venture that promises some very creative and free-thinking gameplay elements. But where is it? Spore has been in development for what seems like an eternity and EA aren't too fussed in a release date mentioning "before the holidays". With a positive 2008 in sight, EA has stated:
"2008 is going to be a very strong year for Electronic Arts. Whether we are talking about Spore, which has been talked about for a long time. Personally played the software, it is very impressive."
Many games communities and networks have bigged up Spore, but interest is growing thin and worries grow that Spore might just disappear off the interest radar...

Source: Kotaku

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