Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Brain Training - Discrimination?

Brain Training has been shown recently on BBC's Watchdog programme following complaints that the game is discriminatory towards people in the North of England. Michelle Livesey, a presenter on Manchester's Key103 radio station was on the programme and had this to say:
"Basically you have to say the different colors that flash up on the screen as quickly as possible. I'm saying, blue, blue, blue and it's saying no, even though it was blue. Then it got to yellow. I'm going, 'yeller' and everyone's saying to me you need to be a bit posher. You need to say, 'yellow' and as soon as I did, it picked it up."
Presenter Nicky Campbell said the game was 'clearly discriminatory', although Nintendo were quick to point out that the manual states that you should not use a strong accent as its impossible for the game to pick up every variation of every word on the planet.

What a load of cobblers.

Source: Destructoid

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