Tuesday, 5 February 2008

American McGee Announces New Projects

If you're a fan of American McGee's works, then you'll have been keeping track on a game of his called Grimm which should be out around spring. However, whilst talking about Grimm on his blog, he revealed another project in the pipeline which he calls his 'Twisted Tales' project.

McGee is known for his dark slant on classics, with the aforementioned Alice game having Alice being sectioned in a mental asylum after the death of her parents, so the twisted tales project might go down the same route. It will apparently use the Unreal 3 engine. McGee had this to say on his blog:
"This is going to be a world-class product, and we're hoping to attract world-class talent to the team. If you've liked what you've seen/heard about 'Grimm', or were a fan of 'Alice' - then you'll not want to miss a chance to work on this project."
Keep an eye out for this one.

Source: 1Up

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