Saturday, 19 January 2008

Sony working hard on PS3 Singstore

Sony promised fans of SingStar on the PS3 350 downloadable songs through its 'SingStore'. Fans are disappointed that this isn't the case.

"SingStar fans have been asking when the SingStore will be populated with more songs," admits Sony. "Our original vision, as outlined in early preview coverage of SingStar, was to have more than 350 songs available on the SingStore."

Sony only managed to include a paltry 60 song, but have promised that 18 more are on the way very soon.

"We are working hard to increase the volume of content as quickly as possible. Eighteen new tracks will be live in the SingStore from 18th January (15 English and 3 Spanish tracks) including songs from KT Tunstall, David Bowie and Blur."

"This will be followed by an update the week of 4th February, including tracks from The Editors and MC Hammer, and we will be updating the SingStore with new content twice monthly thereafter." promises Sony.

Though the potential for SingStar is absolutely enormous, Sony should also brush up on its public relations with its fans.

Source: CVG

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