Thursday, 4 October 2007

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2008 was our first 12 months up and running and even then, we were still infants among giants. Thanks to continued support, some lucky breaks and a lot of hard work we made it through and look forward to the coming years. If you fancy a look back through our stories, our archive or news for 2008 can be found month by month, below.


Wednesday, 3 October 2007 Videos

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Games Podcasts

A selection of the best Podcasts available for gamers to tune into and get their fill of info from some of the biggest websites out there. From half hour shows to 2 hour shows there's enough here to load onto your iPod and take the day off... Enjoy!

All Podcasts are available as standard XML/RSS feed or a direct iTunes Phobos link

We've now launched the official TrailerCast featuring the latest videogame trailers delivered directly to you as a Podcast. Updated daily, the TrailerCast automatically keeps you up to date with the latest games trailers out there to watch at home or on the move. Subscribe ONCE and keep updated with the latest videogame trailers as soon as they're released.

Hosted by Garnett Lee, Shane Bettenhausen and John Davison a professional Podcast that usually lasts from between an hour and a half to two hours in length reporting on the weeks news from the gaming industry, including discussions with developers and companies from the industry. A great Podcast to kick back to, but sometimes they can be a little too gentle when it comes to being serious about their views on particular games.

Similar to the 1UP Yours Podcast, join EGM's Managing Editor Jennifer Tsao and the rest of the EGM gang as they talk about the latest topics in gaming, and behind the scenes details about working on the EGM magazine.

A weekly recap of the latest news and info from the games industry from the editors at - not the most entertaining Podcast but worth a listen.

IGN provides the Wii-k in Review and Game Scoop! with the latest news and info about games from its award-winning staff. Again, not the most interesting of Podcasts out there...

KOXM is the Podcast from Official Xbox Magazine in the USA. A great Podcast with competitions, trivia and all the latest news. A great Podcast for chilling out to but carries a super cheesy factor, sorry folks but it really can be cheesy at times. A great Podcast for Xbox 360 owners and a good listen.

Direct from within the walls of the Microsoft Xbox team, Larry Hryb (XBL Gamertag: Major Nelson) provides gamers with the latest official news, not the most entertaining but some good news released.

Hosts Doc, Dave, Lono and Alex break down the latest news every week. Probably the best games Podcast out there to listen to for entertainment. These guys are the lone soldiers of the gaming industry, being honest all the way with their view on news and games. They've also launched 2 separate Podcasts, the "Humpday Update" on a Wednesday and a new Playstation specific Podcast. These guys are really entertaining and definitely a bunch we'd like to have a few beers with someday. Subscribe to their Podcast now!

Nelson and Natalie make fun of themselves as gamers, reach out to listeners and talk about the latest news and games. A casual show by casual gamers.

Monday, 1 October 2007

GTA IV Screenshot Blowout!

Massive selection of awesome Grand Theft Auto IV screen shots to wet your appetite towards the release of the game. Click any image to view a high res version!