Thursday, 13 December 2007 closure not a "thumbs-down" on skill-based gaming, says Kwari

The recent closure of is not a referendum against the skill-based gaming sector, according to Kwari marketing manager Al King.

Speaking to, King said that he empathises with the people behind, as any business closing down is always disappointing.

However, he's looking at the closure in terms of what it says about the sector that Kwari is in.

"[W]e've not been made overly nervous by them closing down, and we don't see that as a thumbs-down to the skill-based gaming sector, or indeed games involving money," King said.

"We just think there are probably factors which we don't have insight to which were probably behind that, and we hope they bounce back."

He wouldn't speculate further without knowing more about's business model, their financing, and the amount of money they spent on marketing.

Even so, he differentiated Kwari from the now-defunct site.

"One of the things that's working to our advantage is that the IP we're working with is wholly and exclusively ours - we're not using somebody else's IP, and we're in complete control of that.

"And that's an advantage that we'll definitely exploit."

Kwari is currently in its beta phase and will be going live in Europe by the end of this year.


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