Monday, 17 December 2007

Sony Banking On Selling 11 Million PS3s By March 08

The PS3's start? Slow. Reeeaalll slow. Wasn't always going to stay that way, though, and as we near the end of 2007, Sony are feeling confident. Bullish, even. Kaz Hirai, speaking with The Yomiuri Shimbun, has stressed Sony are planning on having sold 11 million PS3s by the end of the current fiscal year (in March 2008). Hirai also said Sony want the PlayStation division to "escape as soon as possible from the red and return to the black in fiscal year 2008", which considering how much money they're losing at the moment may be a little harder than the 11 million thing. Oh, and remember, Sony now count "sold" as sitting in a customer's hands, not just shipped to retail, if that helps in your own projections, calculations and wild speculation.

Source: Kotaku

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