Thursday, 13 December 2007

Mistwalker, Sonic Creator Releasing DS Dungeon-Crawler

Mistwalker, home of The Gooch, Artoon, who Mistwalker worked with on Blue Dragon and Naoto Ohshima, creator of Sonic the Hedgehog, have announced they're teaming up for a DS dungeon-crawler called Away. The game centres around a village whose inhabitants have been kidnapped, and are being held underground in vast dungeons. And you, well, you've got to get them out. Sounds boring. There a catch, a twist, a new take on anything? Seems there is! Every few seconds parts of the dungeon will reorient themselves and move around in real-time, and will crush you if you get caught. Also, any villagers you free return to the surface; the more you rescue, the bigger the village gets, causing "new events to unfold". Famitsu are saying the game's about 85% done, and should be out in Japan in February.

Source Kotaku

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