Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Command & Conquer FPS due late 2008

EA has confirmed to us that the Command & Conquer series is merging with the first-person shooter genre in new title Tiberium.

The publisher was keeping lips pretty tightly sealed, but it did tell us that the game is pencilled in for a late 2008 release. Official images aren't expected until early next year, but there are scans already doing the round as additional details have appeared in Game Informer magazine.

It's said the game is a squad-based shooter that's set 11 years on from the third Tiberium war, and is being described as Battlefield-meets GRAW-meets Rainbow Six: Vegas.

Players strap on combat boots as Ricardo Vega, a GDI field commander who has come out of retirement.

The magazine adds that the Scrin faction debuting in C&C 3 will turn up as enemies in Tiberium - along with, presumably, Nod, although that isn't clear - and that as Vega you'll be able to command infantry squads and vehicles and be able to call in air strikes.

Source: CVG

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