Monday, 12 November 2007

About has one objective: To provide the latest news and happenings from the gaming industry on a daily basis in a simple and effective format.

The main motivation behind the birth of was its founder being fed up at the number of websites being swamped and covered in advertising and product promotion across the entire website. Sliding flash boxes, flashing banners and column adverts left, right and centre making it a pain to navigate to get to what you wanted.

What's more, is the fact so many websites are willing to sell their ethics and credibility just for some extra cash such as writing about how dreadful a game is, yet promoting it across the top and down the side encouraging users to buy it. is a simple, clean and effective website designed for gamers and fans of the industry to check every day and feel confident they're getting the most up to date info. We give you a healthy, digestible news piece. No pop up image galleries, no linking to sub-pages. We also provide a source link to stories picked up from other sites.

We don't try and write reviews for 'our favourite' games or produce editorials on 'what we think of a game/company'. We focus on news. That's why you visit, that's what we provide. is structured around our main page which is updated every minute and is full of different content every day. Every time you visit the site, the page is loaded with the latest stories.

What's more, all of our news is archived on a monthly basis and you can search for particular stories or games you want to read up on straight from the menu on the right hand side.

If that wasn't enough, we provide live updated headlines of all the major games websites for you to check in case we missed something or you prefer a specialist website for coverage, for example, retro gaming, or platform specific.

We welcome all visitors and we appreciate your interest. If you have any comments or queries, don't hesitate to get in touch. Just drop us an email here